What is CoinFyre?

CoinFyre is a great chrome extension that allows people to ‘tip’ or send Dogecoins to any Dogecoin wallet with a few mouse clicks! Protect your offline wallet, by using a FREE online wallet for tips, paying, etc.

Using some basic setup information, you can send Dogecoin to anyone who shows their wallet address around the web, be it online or offline!

This could include bloggers, commercial websites, you tube channels or even your local Shiba Inu rescue! Shiba Scout rescue

We plan on opening our own Doge API to the public very soon, that will integrate with the CoinFyre extension, and socially connect Shibes on a whole new level!

If you like paying, tipping, or sharing Doge then CoinFyre is the extension for you!

Just highlight the address, right-click > Pay Doge, and send your Dogecoins!

So Coin. Much easy.